Chuck Norris is 81 years old! How is the legendary actor and what is he doing now?

The beloved actor and martial artist celebrated his 81st birthday on March 10! Nowadays, we hear him less and less as a guest on television.

Today we tell you what he did and what he did on his 81st birthday.

Among the forty films that have been made with the hero’s name, Dragon Road and the Cool Walker series, in which he starred and consolidated his status as the coolest man on the planet, are the two best known to the public. .

His most recent film is Unstoppable 2 (2012), in which he himself steps in front of the camera. He disappeared again and unfortunately there are no plans for a new movie or new series.

However, Chuck did not stand still. He is actively involved in charity and mission conferences, but spends most of his time with his wife. A few years ago, she reportedly suffered from serious health problems. There are plenty of records as to why he left the film industry, but it seems that several factors, not just age, played a role.

Chuck Norris sometimes participates in advertising projects and presents specific products on its pages on social networks.

A few years ago, he surprised many by appearing in an advertisement for a Russian beer. It’s not nothing but an advertisement for a beer.

A heart attack also forced him to quit many jobs, and the actor’s form was destroyed. But he always looks happy and cheerful in public.

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