A four-year-old child meets a fawn in the woods and introduces him to his mother

Children are without prejudice, that’s why they easily get to know others and make friends with animals.

Stephanie Brown was vacationing at the Massanutten Resort in Virginia with her four-year-old son.

On the last day of their rest, as they prepared to leave the station, the woman was gathering her things and her son Dominic was playing in the yard of the cottage.

Suddenly, Stephanie saw her son come home with a fawn. She understood that Dominic found a new boyfriend.

Stephanie was struck dumbfounded. She couldn’t hold back her emotions.

Very surprised, she looked at this scene which looked like a fairy tale. It doesn’t often happen that a four-year-old boy plays around with a wild baby deer.

Dominic was playing nearby and I was packing my bags when I saw them enter the cabin.

I couldn’t believe my eyes, I was very surprised. I didn’t know how they ended up together ,” Stephanie Brown told ABC.

For Dominic, it was not something extraordinary, it was a friend he had found and it was normal.

The fawn’s behavior was also ordinary. The animal was neither frightened nor embarrassed.

Dominic named his new friend Flash. It was in honor of the DC Comics superhero.

Stephanie managed to capture these mesmerizing moments and the footage went viral on social media.

Maybe the next year, Dominic would find his friend Flash.

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