Homeless and Sick Dog Wandering in a Park Waited for His Rescuer for Five Months

This touching story took place in Brazil. A stray dog ​​needed help and had no hope of being rescued. So, five months passed and finally, a volunteer came to her rescue.

The pitbull dog was in a terrible situation. The animal was wandering in a park, it had no chance of being cured and was waiting for its death.

A nice man called Alessandro Desco is very fond of dogs. He has a dog rescue center called Ales Pits.

Alessandro picks up sick dogs without families. In his shelter, the dogs undergo treatment. Here, he takes care of them, feeds them and organizes their adoption.

The kind-hearted man heard that in the park there was a puppy who had been in a terrible situation for a few months.
He discovered him and brought him back to his center.

Alessandro examined the puppy and discovered his illness. The poor animal had a very serious skin condition.

His whole body was covered with wounds. The man took the sick dog to the clinic and the vet said the wounds were starting to rot and there was almost no chance of him surviving.

But still, the vet set about treating the right pooch.

Luckily, the puppy had no other illnesses.

The animal understood that he was in good hands and thanks to Alessandro’s kindness and the doctor’s hard work, he was able to survive.

The pup was recovering as it progressed. Fortunately, there are always men of good will who support the four-legged friends.

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