Here’s Hayek, 54, showing off his stunning figure and delighting his loyal fans

Salma Hayek at his 54 showed how his body has changed over the years

Hayek is just gorgeous, isn’t he? The charming woman will soon celebrate her 55th birthday, when no one would give her more than 35 years old. Recently, the diva amazed her followers by posting a new photo in a brown bodysuit with the intention of showing off her well-groomed figure and femininity despite her age. She decided to show how her body has changed in over 20 years.

Loyal fans of the admirable woman were left speechless upon seeing her recent photos. “I have no words”, “A magnificent figure”, “Every 20-year-old girl could envy her”.

“Too pretty to be real”, “My most beloved actress”, “A perfectly ordinary woman at 54”.

While the talented actress tries not to pay attention to the negative and continues to delight everyone with her appearance.

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