He Has an Iron Will: How a Disabled Bodybuilder Travels 450 Kilometers in a Wheelchair and Arrives in Baikal

When you lose the ability to walk and you can only move around in a wheelchair, then life loses its meaning and even becomes unbearable.

But there are people who have a strong will and are optimistic, so they manage to strive for their happiness and overcome difficulties.

These men can become celebrities in the fields of art, science, sport. One of these people is Viktor Sibirin.

His life changed when he was 26. In the winter of 2010, he slipped on the ice and suffered a broken spine in the fall.

After two surgeries, Victor was able to get up, but after the third his condition worsened and he had to use a wheelchair.
In general, Viktor underwent fourteen surgeries. Twelve years have passed since this painful blow of fate.

During these years, he endured incredibly harsh physical and moral ailments. Very depressed, he had suicidal thoughts and was often drunk.

But, Viktor managed to change his life radically. He started doing sports. It was inspired by the example of Paralympic athletes.

Swimming, tennis, bodybuilding, badminton: the athlete practices all these kinds of sport.

The man in the wheelchair is a member of the Krasnoyarsk curling team.

He bought a good quality vehicle and in 2019 took part in a marathon, covering 450 kilometers in a wheelchair from Achinsk to Abakan.

Viktor Sibirin is a father and he has two children.

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