Charlie is a mustang: one day the horse asked mom to let him into the house

This Mustang, named Charlie, lives in Arizona with his owner Pam.

The mustang is a wild horse. But Charlie dreamed of being domesticated and now he thinks he’s already a pet. So he is allowed to live with his masters inside the house

He liked to hang around the yard and the barn until he got inside the house.

“Charlie has been wandering around the house in complete freedom for five years. When I first saw him come in, I was very surprised,” the woman told The Dodo.

“The barn is behind the house. And the back door is always open. Charlie walks in that way without special permission,” Pam explains.

Charlie can be seen wandering here and there in the house. He prefers to be in the kitchen, when Pam is cooking.

The kitchen is not large enough and to maneuver in it very freely, you have to use special tricks.

The horse also manages to drag in the corridors which are narrow, but Charlie performs his movements so ingeniously that he can penetrate anywhere in the house.

He enters rooms and especially Pam’s bedroom.

“Charlie prefers to play with my blankets and pillows. Sometimes he undoes all the bedding and comes home very happy,” says Pam.

Inside the house, the horse feels comfortable and even, from time to time, goes a little crazy by knocking over the laundry baskets or chewing on the plants in the flower pots.

And what is most amazing, explains the woman, is that they have dogs, but they never bark when the mustang enters the house.

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