A German shepherd surprisingly managed to stand still for at least 11 hours, saving the life of its owner.

The heroic action of a brave German Shepherd has stunned the people of Brisbane.

Thanks to his efforts in the water for just over 12 hours, his master was able to be saved.

Fishermen saw the dog in the sea looking for something or thought something was wrong.

They called the police for help, who arrived immediately.

The police join the rescue operation.

They first pulled the exhausted dog out of the sea and took him to a nearby medical clinic. Heidi, the name of the dog, was thankfully unharmed.

The rescue operation also found Heidi’s master after a few moments. The old man was on board a sinking boat.

He then stated that the boat lost power and began to sink taking on water.

That’s when he got separated from his smart dog. From there, the dog swam away and was found by fishermen.

Fortunately, his master was not injured.

the National Police Agency has issued a safety warning to all those sailing on the high seas.

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