A funny bulldog with unique eyebrows makes the craziest zooms

Many dogs look like they’re having the time of their lives when they walk around or smell the food they love. As they spend time with their favorite humans, they are constantly in a good mood. This was also the case of this Madame, an English bulldog, who lives with her owner, Janina. However, his face said something else.

This adorable dog has won many fans online thanks to his moody face. Madame Sourcils still looked grumpy, like she was having a bad day. The Bulldog had deep marks just above his eyes that matched the color of his eyebrows. The position was such that it formed a scowling face. The Bulldog’s owner, Janina, called him Madame Eyebrows because of her eyebrows. She adopted him when he was 3 months old.

The adorable puppy looked funny. Janina fell in love with her eyebrows as soon as she met her. Madame Sourcils’ mother also had a little Labrador, Luna, before she adopted him. The family weren’t sure if they could take care of a bulldog as well. The Labrador wasn’t a big fan of his new sister, but they quickly became friends and loved playing together.

Madame Sourcils is now the princess of the house. She slept in the strangest positions. However, when the dog wasn’t sleeping, she made the craziest zouaves to entertain her mother. She was a friendly, happy dog ​​who enjoyed socializing with people and was kind to others. She still had her tail wagging. It didn’t matter if she didn’t look like it, because people who played with her knew she was a lovely little lady.

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