The young woman bought an old transport with pennies and transformed it into a dream house.

Many people dream of going on a trip for several weeks or several months, but not everyone has the assets and the enthusiasm to do so. Other than, emptying your house unattended for such a long time could be a dangerous idea.

But nothing could stop Jesse Lipskin on his way to the goal. The young woman bought a dilapidated old transport for a few cents and transformed it into a dream house. For a few years, Jessie worked hard to bring a space out of the 1966 transport that seems to be called domestic. Also vital is the solace of a portable servant. After all, the young woman arranged to travel there.

Here’s what the transport looked like to begin with:

Inside, it looked more depressing…

But the outline of the transport itself was solid. Jesse must have advanced a little…

At this point, Jessie has covered all of the wood dividers and the ceiling with clapboard. In such an unusual stay, the young woman had to form furniture on her claim. Jessie put a floor on the floor.

At a distance, transport has also undergone changes. There is no sequel to old rust and dark paint!

The end result is amazing!

There is everything for comfort and consolation here. There was a big bed in the bus…

To save more space, Jessie placed capacity boxes under the bed

The cupboard with all vital things also fits

The kitchen has everything: a worktop, a sink with a tap, a stove and drawers for storing food

There is a fridge here. This shape and height are due to the initial kitchen

It was inconceivable to put a shower on the transport, but Jesse includes a shower and a large mirror

With such a house, you will go safely to meet the nightfalls!

You will learn more about this unusual house in the video:

All of the haul revivals cost Jesse a circular whole — $70,000. Anyway, given the result, you will understand, it was worth it!

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