Strangers help a National Guard sergeant find his dog, who has been missing for a month.

Disappearing dogs are always tragic, but community members can always be counted on to find their beloved dogs.

When a National Guard sergeant lost his dog last month, strangers searched everywhere together and a sweet reunion took place a month later.

Indiana National Guard Sgt. was involved in a car rollover on the Interstate in Virginia.

Sandefur Murphy, the dog, who was with him, got scared and ran away after the accident.

He was worried. Besides being away, Murphy lost his dog license in the crash. He was due back to work on Monday, so he checked the area as best he could.

Murphy was expected to return home safe and sound before his mission in September.

But luckily, strangers come to the rescue and his mate checks the abandoned area for dog tracks every day, and the Mason County Animal Shelter is working to catch Murphy in… providing a really big trap.

After hiding for weeks, Murphy was finally arrested just over a month after his disappearance.

Local rescuers are doing everything they can to make sure Murphy eventually finds his way home. Randolph took care of the dog, and Gardner and his son drove him from Indiana, where he met the sergeant.

It was an incredible act from complete strangers, but they say it was the least they could do.

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