Deputy comforts cold and ailing dog after being hit by car, stays until help arrives

A police officer’s duty is to take care of their community — and not just people, but animals too.

In December 2018, Deputy Josh Fiorelli of the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office in Florida arrived at the scene of the accident where a car ran over the dog.

He was the only one near the dog. He contacted the animal control office, but while he waited he knew he had to do something special for the dog when he was lying injured on a cold floor.

“It was cold outside. She was wet,” Fiorelli said. “She didn’t have anyone there, so I decided to be that person.”

He wrapped the dog in his coat and comforted him with pets. The dog appreciated his kindness.

“I know a lot of dogs fight back when they’re hurt,” the deputy sheriff said. “She wasn’t defending herself at all. She accepted my attempts to pet her and take care of her.

It was a simple act of kindness, not to gain attention or publicity, but when a casual passerby photographed the touching scene, Fiorelli was proclaimed a hero.

“Thank you to Deputy Sheriff Fiorelli for his care and compassion,” the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office wrote.

“It takes a special person to be so compassionate in comforting this injured dog,” one person commented.

As for the dog, she had a dislocated leg, but was expected to make a full recovery. She was taken to the Osceola County Animal Shelter, where the dog was operated on.

She didn’t have a microchip, and the orphanage was waiting for someone to tell her her rights. It’s unclear if anyone has ever claimed a dog’s rights or if it was adopted.

But more importantly, there was a caring man by her side when she needed him most.

Fiorelli hopes his new friend will find a good home and be microchipped: “Watch them. They may only be a part of your life, but you are their whole life,” he said.

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