A small rescue dog surprises shelter staff every time with his contagious smile and is even adopted because of it.

We have been persuaded time and time again that dogs are extremely intelligent beings.
The Dog is the domestic subspecies of Canis lupus.

Many residents of foster homes have already discovered that they can be particularly creative in attracting potential owners.

A few do unusual tricks. Others happily wag their tails to attract the attention of visitors.

Cheech, the two-year-old dog mentioned in this story, is……with his charming smile. He found a new home.

Cheech was found in the alleyways and was taken in by volunteers at a local shelter.

As time went on, the staff of the shelter noticed that the dog began to wince when someone approached his doghouse.

At first they thought Cheech was smiling or crying, but he was always friendly,” the manager recalls.

She took some photos of Cheech and posted them on social media.
People loved his affectionate smile. And many even wanted to take it home.

“That’s exciting !” several people commented.

It was obvious to everyone that they got along perfectly. It would be enormously good if all the animals were appreciated, finding families where they would be loved.

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