A scuba diver comes face to face with a huge shark off the coast of Florida

An amazing story of a diver and a big shark happened in Florida. The man even managed to photograph the terrifying monster and put some pictures on the Internet.

John Moore is a photographer, passionate about marine life․And one day he encountered a giant shark. Although during his career he had to face sharks, this was by far the largest he had ever seen. What’s most interesting is that the shark was a pregnant female.

After a while Moore posted some amazing photos on Instagram!

“The shark grabbed a piece of bait and ran towards me looking for shelter before getting scared and dropping the piece. It helped me get a shot that’s even too close to my 20mm lens.

Although he has a lot of experience with sharks, it was not a pleasant experience for Moore, because they are not very friendly. These giant creatures can grow up to 11 feet tall and easily weigh around 1,500 pounds.

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