A hero dog saved his master’s life after an accident, never stopping, even though he injured his paw.

A user shared their miraculous rescue.

He told of a time when he was fixing up his house with only his dog Ham.

Suddenly, something unexpected happened. He fell down the stairs and lost consciousness.

Seeing him, the pit bull ran to its owner.

The dog grabbed the man’s shirt with its teeth and started tugging, and when the man whined, the dog started barking loudly.

The hubbub called the vigilance of the inhabitants of the district, who called an ambulance.

Ham also suffered injuries while dragging his owner and suffered a laceration to one of his front legs, which he did not realize.

Doctors at the hospital where he was taken are wondering how the man survived.

We found out he had a broken knee, multiple fractures.

Subsequently, the man told Internet users that he was doing well.

Of course, it takes time for him to recover from his injuries, and the doctors are confident.

The author also thanked his pet for saving his life, saying, “Thank you, Ham. You are my best friend !”

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