A baby pony who was alone on the highway couldn’t reach his mother and a kind man helped him immediately

When someone encounters an animal in pain and in need of help, they always find a solution and do everything possible to help them.

The good-hearted man cannot remain indifferent to the misfortune of an animal, he looks for ways to give him a hand.

A man named Colt came to the rescue of a month-old colt who got left alone on the busy highway and couldn’t reach his mother.

It wasn’t easy to lift the little horse, but the man was strong-willed.

This video went viral on the internet and many people thanked the nice man for his brave act.
The baby had somehow crossed the railing of the road and couldn’t reach his mother.

And the mother herself remained dazed without being able to find a solution to recover her foal.

But the horses were lucky enough to meet a person who could not indifferently watch what was happening on the highway.

Colt took pity on the baby. Perhaps the little one was waiting for a very long time by the side of the highway, separated from his mother.

But the man took action right away. He gathered all his strength, picked up the baby pony and passed him to his mom from over the railing.

Of course the man could hurt himself, but right now all he was thinking about was the foal.

Colt was not alone, his wife filmed these touching moments and the video was uploaded to YouTube.

Foals cannot roam alone and survive without their mothers. It’s wonderful that the horses met a caring person.

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