Unreal beauty and charm. Bellucci has become the face of a new fashion magazine delighting her fans with her look

Bellucci charmed everyone with her beauty appearing on the cover of a magazine

Magnificent and charming Bellucci at his 57 still remains the icon of beauty, femininity and elegance.

Despite her age, Monica frequently appears on the covers of fashion magazines and never ceases to make everyone admire her charm and grace. Nowadays, she rarely accepts offers to act in films. While the movies she starred in remain the most beloved and iconic to millions.

Her fans and followers simply cannot perceive how she manages to maintain her beauty and attractiveness with the passing years and without the help of cosmetologists and beauticians.

Bellucci herself confesses that she has not had an operation and will not, so she completely accepts her flaws as well as age-related changes in her appearance.

Recently, the world famous star charmed her loyal fans by appearing on the cover of a magazine wearing a sleek and feminine black bodysuit and shirt. In addition, Monica also refuses to follow a strict diet and does not limit herself to anything.

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