The sweet pup showed up at the couple’s wedding and became part of their new family

On their wedding day, Douglas Robert and Tamiris Mousini did not expect such a wonderful guest.

The cute dog decided to take part in the ceremony and appeared in the church. When the woman noticed this, she was surprised and delighted. It was so wonderful to have such an unexpected visitor.

However, the cute animal decided to stay there until the end of the ceremony. And when the couple left the church, the amazing creature greeted them with a cute smile and joy. And it was a sign that the couple had adopted him. They made it their mission to take him in and take care of him because his appearance really moved them.

Thus, the amazing family is now without its respected member. They live happily as the sweet dog brings a lot of joy and fun to his children. Maybe he went into it on purpose to find his forever home, and he really did. Now she lives in her warm and protected home with her loving family.

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