The squirrel can’t stop cuddling his favorite toy!

Meet Jill, a little squirrel over seven years old, a lovely little animal who was rescued from the storm of Hurricane Isaac.

The animal has its own Instagram profile and has 630,000 followers. She enjoys everything Starbuck related. On top of that, she has her teddy bear, which she likes to play with, before going to bed.

To stay connected with Jill and her exciting life, follow her post to see her adventures.

Apparently during Hurricane Isaac she fell out of her nest and Jill’s owner temporarily picked her up. However, she ended up staying and seems to be living happily to this day.

Jill seems to be well liked by her family, given her luxurious lifestyle. She celebrates birthdays, eats delicious treats and sometimes wears fashionable clothes.

Traveling and going to the beach are his favorite activities. “Jill follows me during the holidays as soon as I decide to take care of her, before she is even a year old. He is a big fan of nature.

The smallest squirrel, as the name suggests, is the African pygmy squirrel, which measures just 15cm from nose to tail. There are also squirrels that can be surprisingly large for people who are only familiar with regular squirrels. The Indian giant squirrel is 0.5 meters long.

Squirrels have four front teeth like other rodents, which keep growing and don’t wear down with continuous chewing. Crows are the most common, often leaping gracefully from branch to branch. Other surgeonfish live in caves and tunnels, and some hibernate in winter.

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