The couple with Down syndrome have conquered social networks: she is a lucky model and he is a dedicated entrepreneur

Every person has dearest desires in their life. But it’s not always possible to make your dreams come true.

It depends on personal characteristics, situations, and there are always obstacles that prevent reaching the desired goal.

But, if one has a firm will, one does not shrink from any obstacle and overcomes difficulties without hesitation.

The young couple we are going to talk about is proof of this. These young lovers have Down syndrome. Trisomy is known as a genetic abnormality with 3 chromosomes.

Sofia Jirau and Chris Gonzàlez have quite interesting and much-loved jobs. They are well known on social networks and also outside the web.

These two with Down syndrome overcame all prejudices and went straight to their goals.

Sofia was successful in fashion, and Chris was going to open his own restaurant.

With their experiences, this charming young couple has proven to people with Down syndrome that it is necessary to beware of prejudices and break stereotypes in order to be able to carry out their projects.
The two friends are committed to the realization of their dreams.

Sofia is a very famous model. His pictures are on the covers of different newspapers.

The most requested model with Down syndrome is developing her career and spending her days doing photo shoots. And her boyfriend adores and supports her.

May the story of Sofia and Chris serve as an example to people who have lost hope of success, to move firmly towards their desired goal.

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