Rescued magpie named Molly learns to bark to communicate with her best friend Staffordshire Terrier

Today we are going to tell you the story of two best friends – Peggie and Mollie; who live in Queensland. Peggy is a Terrier and Molly is a Magpie.

Joulie and Peggy found a little bird in a very serious situation: Usually the dog is afraid of birds this time is an exception.

Which is very amazing; there was no guard.

And of course Julia brought the discovery home.

We began to take care of little bird; ,but the situation was very serious and everyone feared that the little animal would not be able to survive

During the treatments, Peggie was always next to the bird.

When Molly’s health became considerably better they were allowed to go out the window. But Molly didn’t go.

She started breastfeeding. The little girl began to take as an example the habits of her new “mother”.

The owners did not understand where the barking came from.

And then it turned out that it wasn’t their dog; but Molly.

Rhys and Julia want Molly back in the wild. Otherwise, she will not be able to survive.

It is important for magpies to communicate and communicate with loved ones.

How do you like this incredible friendship?

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