Everything is made of broken dishes, do you like the idea?

The Maison Cassée Vaisselle or the House of Broken Dishes, located in the town of Louviers in France, could be a curious place.

In 1952, a specialist in the production of assembly line materials Robert Vassel and his wife chose to completely decorate their house and their factory with a mosaic of dishes. The idea came to Robert when he needed to brighten up his kitchen sink with mosaics.

No backdrop, no painting – it was the couple’s choice. Like shiny porcelain, glass, broken dishes and seashells, all in the colors of the rainbow. And so on since. The owners of this beautiful legacy are no longer alive, but their child has proceeded to reflect on and enhance the estate.

Currently, visitors do not neglect this special and exceptionally wonderful place. Indeed the stairs and the niche, all the partitions of the house are brightened up with mosaics.

There is an incredible amount of fabric collected here. Robert collaborated with the foragers and arranged with companions, colleagues and neighbors. If you broke something, bring it to us then, if you found something, bring it too. Everyone reacted impatiently and the magnum opus was made. So, in a sense, the house is the work of the whole neighborhood.

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