Dog tied to fence with heartbreaking note can’t stop smiling after being found

It takes strength to laugh at grief, but Goose, a two-year-old dog, didn’t know that. The adorable Great Pyrenees crusader was wagging his tail when a stranger approached him, despite his master having tied him to a fence with only a short leaf around his neck.

“He really likes people.” If he saw someone approaching him, he hoped that person would like him.

According to Hawkins, a note around Goose’s neck read, “I don’t have time. Bring me the dog,” which is exactly what the Good Samaritan did. And despite being covered in ticks and dirt from head to toe.

The vets treated the disease in two days, cleaning him up carefully so as not to overburden him, but the gentle spirit never wavered.

The dog’s smile turned splashy as he left the veterinary clinic.

Hawkins took him in as a temporary foster, but she had already made up her mind.” On the way back he tried to move from the back seat of the 4×4 to the front seat and ended up climbing on my lap.” – Hawkins said.

But after a few days of sleep, she was looking forward to being reunited with her new home and her new siblings, including a flock of chickens and an older therapy dog, Zeus.

And it didn’t take Hawkins long to realize that Goose was here permanently. He was only with us for four short days, but he was ours,” he said.

Two weeks had passed since her arrival at the Hawkins, and her demeanor had changed overnight.

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