4-Year-Old Befriends Newborn Deer In The Woods And Brings It Home

Imagine your 4 year old coming home with a newborn deer as a buddy. Our children usually leave us dumbfounded. Stephanie Brown saw exactly this situation while vacationing at the Massanutten Resort in Virginia.

She couldn’t believe what she had seen. The woman was clearly stunned by a Disney-like scene, but she managed to capture a few snaps of the precious moment. It is rare to see a 4-year-old child playing close to a wild deer.

Dominic was playing outside the chalet while his mum was packing, she said, adding that they would be leaving the resort. However, it is unclear how this couple ended up together.

“I was shocked. I’m like ‘No way. My mind is playing games with me,” Stephanie told ABC. “For him, it was not something strange, it was so weird. They were just in sync.

What is absolutely amazing is the way the deer behaved. She doesn’t look scared or embarrassed around people or a camera, not for a second. The way she poses for the camera makes it look like she’s really acting. Dominique even gave a name to her new friend. He named the reindeer Flash after the DC Comics superhero.

After Stephanie posted a wonderful photo on Facebook, many comments were shared: “Beautiful photo. Another person said: “they look like friends.”

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