The touching moment a wild horse saved a young filly from drowning

Horses are among the kindest and gentlest creatures, especially when their life is in danger. These animals are always ready to do anything to protect their family. Whether on the farm or in the wild, horses bravely protect their neighbors.

For a long time, the only accepted theory was that the different breeds of domestic horses were the result of selective breeding by humans from a single wild breed.

He’s an inexperienced kid struggling to cross a river. The ranger was lucky enough to witness this dramatic moment in the National Forest, and even managed to capture it on camera.

The forest was once home to thousands of wild horses, but today only a few families of mustangs live there. When a volunteer spotted a flock of birds feeding on the banks of the Salt River, she immediately knew who it was. It was Champion, the famous giant stallion and his many descendants.

The peaceful scene is suddenly interrupted by some loud black noises from across the river. Horses are territorial animals, but except during the breeding season, they are very peaceful.

At first, the two groups of horses ignore each other, but the brave owner finally decides to explore on the other side of the river.

However, the strong current was strong for inexperienced stallions. The boy was swallowed up by the river and seems to have known his fate. Fortunately, a solid champion saved the day.

When the big stallion approached the little horse and saw him struggling with his head in the water, he pointed him in the right direction. Then, like a compassionate father, he took the helpless colt under his wing and nursed him until he reached safety and the other side of the river.

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