The Scene From “Beauty And The Beast” With A Little Girl And A Dog

Emily the little kid and Rudi the dog are best friends. Indeed, Emily’s beloved dog was there to share happiness and surprise at every turn of her childhood adventures.

According to Kaylee Slobodski, the girl’s mother, they are irreplaceable friends.

Rudy and Emily have a wonderful relationship. However, the other day they also danced together, imitating a moment from Emily’s favorite movie Beauty and The Beast:

“She took it from there and he gave her about 40 seconds of dancing before she was done. It was the sweetest little moment. I couldn’t stand her when she tried to put her head on his shoulder.”

After all, this charming incident is just a snapshot of a friendship full of equally charming examples. No other options would be acceptable to Emily:

“My husband and I enjoy watching her grow up with Rudy!”- says Slobodski. He is the softest and tenderest giant.

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