Here is kea the only mountain parrot with a multicolored plumage of olive tint whose sides are dark and the feathers have the colors of the rainbow

The bird nestor kea or simply called kea is the only mountain parrot in the world. This amazing bird of paradise deserves special attention.
Its multicolored plumage is very affectionate, it has an olive tint which is accompanied by red, yellow and green feathers on the back, the butt and the tail, the sides are dark and it has turquoise blue flight feathers.

When the parrot spreads its wings, they become so wonderful that you can admire them endlessly.

It is also said to have orange feathers whose color is not visible to humans, but only to birds and insects.

There is a difference between the two sexes of kea. Usually, the female is smaller and her beak is shorter.

Kea parrots are native to New Zealand and their natural habitats are mountain forests that reach as far as the New Zealand Alps.

But they can also be found in valleys and coastal forests.

Usually, they feed on plants, especially leaves, grains, flowers by licking their nectar and also insects.

But in winter, they can also eat carrion, especially that of sheep.

The incredibly charming Kea bird is the only carnivorous parrot.

The males of the bird possess several females. They lay their eggs in the crevices of the ground or under the branches of their habitats.

For half a century, the kea parrot has been a protected species. Currently, they are not hunted much, but can be wiped out due to pollution.

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