Dogs living under a building are finally rescued – just in time for one of them to have puppies.

When people realize that two dogs have been living for months under an abandoned school in their neighborhood, they decide to seek help – with no idea how many lives they could save by doing so.

When the pit bull saw that the rescuers had food, he approached nervously and was soon approached by his friend, a German Shepherd. Approaching, the group quickly realized that it was ……. realized it was a German Shepherd.

The fact that two animals were rescued that day suddenly took on great significance, given that not only their lives were in danger, but also those of any puppies that might be born in the future. Rescuers began using the food they had brought with them to attract dogs hiding in the rescuers’ vehicle. The dogs followed them attentively, driven by hunger and affection.

The rescuers set up a trap and placed the food in it, and soon the German Shepherd was safe in the trap.

Unfortunately, the mother of the future pit bull took fright at the sight of her suddenly trapped friend and slowly retreated to her old hideout throughout the school day.

The group set a second trap at the entrance to the shelter to save her and her children, and waited in hiding for as long as they could.

After more than half an hour, the viper finally came out of hiding and started checking the trap…

Putting the two dogs in the car, rescuers saw local police running. Police had seen the dogs roaming the area for months and were very happy that someone had finally rescued them.

Rescuers decided to name the pit bull “Tooney” and the German Shepherd “Sally”. When they took them to a local vet for a checkup, they were both very nervous. Once out of their cage and together, they began to relax and were very happy to finally be safe.

Shortly after being rescued, Tooney gave birth to a litter of nine cute and healthy Pit Bull and German Shepherd puppies.

Mother and puppies are doing very well and are now looking for loving homes. Sally is now adopted and enjoying her new life.

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