Cute Dog Shares His Favorite Fluffy Yellow Toy With His Newborn Brother Every Time He Cries

Dogs are often very charming and there are many stories for dogs towards their owner and family members. This story is no exception. A dog named Brutus is an important member of the family

It is undeniable that Brustus often played and tortured his toys. But undoubtedly there is a big exception: it’s the fluffy yellow ball – his favorite toy.

“Brutus became part of our family when he was still too small and he was like our first child,” explains Bonnie Michalek, owner of the dog.

After a few months Bonnie got pregnant. The dog’s behavior was shocking: He started taking care of Bonnie. He was extremely attentive.

He became the head of the house and kept Bonnie

When baby Kayden was born the love story began.

Brutus has become Kaiden’s best friend. He was like the older brother. He tried not to walk away from Kaiden.

One day the family members were so impressed with Brutus’ behavior. Kayden started crying, it was very hard to calm him down but Brutus found a way to make him smile. Without hesitation, he brought his greatest treasure for the baby – a fluffy yellow ball.

It was a very emotional and cute moment. Brutus is proof that dogs can be the most loyal friends.

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