Charming Shelter Dog Who Had A Hard Life Holds Everyone’s Hand

The events of this story took place in the United States, in Alabama, at the shelter of Bullock County Humane Society. This beautiful dog with a charming air has suffered a lot because of his very difficult life.

He is a smooth collie mix and is 5 years old. He was abandoned by his owner and taken to the dog shelter. The shelter staff really liked this admirable pooch for his very friendly demeanor.

Despite his sad fate, the dog was sociable, lively and loved to play.

His name was Spec and he had a peculiarity. Spec liked to hold hands with anyone who approached his kennel.

“He takes his paw off the cage and literally grabs your arm, like he wants to say hello.

He friendly grabs the hand of visitors who pass by his kennel” was written on the official page of the refuge. The images of these scenes were captured and also installed on the internet.

This video posted on social networks has been very viral and has given good results. Spouses Mike and Daniel fell in love with the adorable doggie.

The dog immediately captured the hearts of the couple and despite the shelter being far from their home, they rushed to the shelter to bring the dog back.

The spouses lived on a farm with 10 acres of land and had two furry friends too.

Mike and Daniel adopted the friendly dog ​​who loved to hold hands with visitors.

“We loved Spec very much and now we are happy that he has a good life and is adored and cuddled,” the manager said.

This video was profitable not only for Spec, but also for the whole shelter. She helped the center get more donations and adoptions.

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