Although he never met his dead brother, the rescue dog remembers how he slept

Titus, a dog, used to curl up on top of the bed. He is regularly photographed in the so-called “donut” pose.

Mr. Sowards took Milo instead of Titus because he was mourning the loss of his puppy.

One day he saw that Mr. Dean was working in his room and was silent, so he tapped him on the shoulder and asked him to turn around.

Milo lay in the same pose, in which Titus often speaks.

Soward and Tit had built a unique relationship over the 13 years of working together. When Titus was fired, Mr. Deaf was only 19 years old. Despite many changes in his life, Tit still remains his friend.

No dog can compare to him.

After Mrs. Sowards established that it was impossible to buy a dog that looked like Titus, she set out to find one. She is looking for a dog of another color than brown, black or grey.

But when Mrs. Dean shows her a picture of a little brown puppy on the Instagram page, Mrs. Sowards immediately feels she has met her destiny.

All worries and thoughts have been completely forgotten,” says Ms. Semeurs. Recently, she asked Sarah to “say the words that need to be used immediately.”

Sowards immediately recognizes the similarities between Milo and Tito. Tito ran to Sou as soon as he got home from work, and now Milo is doing it. Like Tito, Milo also likes to lie on Mrs. Dean when she writes her homework.

Ms Soward thinks Milo and Titi have a meaningful relationship.

Although Milo will never be exactly the same dog as Titus, it is clear that now he is a wonderful dog.

And maybe Tit pulled the strings somewhere to make sure his best friend is happy.

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