A young girl found an old man in an abandoned house and decided to help him

Not everyone dares to enter an old and abandoned house, because we do not know what is behind the door on the other side and what dangers await us.

Leslie Muir does what she does: she hunts and photographs abandoned houses. So, a few years ago, she decided to enter a house that had long haunted her and, as she said at the time, “just stole her heart.” The path leading there had long been overgrown with weeds, the roof had collapsed, and the old, messy appearance only suggested that no one had set foot here for a long time.

Once inside, the young girl was about to start taking pictures when she suddenly realized that she was not alone… Leslie heard noises and went to see what was there. In the living room, she found an elderly and lonely Lawrence.

“He had trouble getting around, so he spent most of his time here,” the adventurer tells him.

He was missing one eye and the other had cataracts. But it turned out that only his appearance was scary, and in fact he is a very kind, gentle and kind man. Since then, Lawrence has a friend. The girl began to visit him regularly, clean the house and cook. Often they had lunch or dinner together.

Leslie learned that the man had been hit by a bull and broke his hip, and before that he had suffered a stroke, which left him partially paralyzed, so it took him four whole days man to see a doctor.

He also told the girl about her brothers’ illnesses and how they had lost touch.

Leslie noticed that his health was beginning to deteriorate and moved him from his ruined house to a local nursing home.

The girl continues to visit the old man, brings him her dog named Violet, and her mother prepares treats for him.

“He just needs a friend – someone to make sure he’s okay,” Muir says.

She hopes Lawrence’s story will encourage people to reconnect with those they have lost touch with for whatever reason.

“Even though they are all elderly, their souls are still full of life and I consider myself lucky to have met him,” says Leslie.

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