A Dog Abandoned By Its Owners In A Park Was Adopted By The Cop Who Rescued Her

This little creature, who was injured by a Pitbull, was abandoned in a park in Bloomington, Indiana.

He needed help; as merry revelers passed by.

Luckily a stranger approaches her. The dog showed signs of physical abuse; and this stranger decided to call an animal welfare institution.

Officer Jeff Ripley arrived immediately, it was love at first sight. And naturally the officer wanted to take the little dog to safety:

However… it was closed!

Jeff then brought the Pitbull home; and offered to shelter me for the night.

The little girl got along with the pets and so they decided to leave her forever!

The next day, they took the dog to the veterinary clinic.

The baby had to undergo a long treatment…

But after her treatments, Daisy was completely happy.

“When I go to work, Daisy runs to the bedroom window and looks after me; I’m happy to have Daisy in my life” – says Jeff.

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