A diver captures an incredible moment when he came face to face with an abnormally huge shark

55-year-old diver John Moore saw a large bull shark off the coast of Florida. The corresponding photo of the male predator was posted on his Instagram page.

There were several sharks swimming next to John Moore, but the man turned his attention to the bull shark. According to him, the predator could be pregnant. The man drew such conclusions because of his behavior.

“Most likely she is pregnant and she certainly hasn’t missed a single meal.

It was a very dominant shark, during the dive it confidently swam towards me,” added John. Bull sharks are quite lazy and slow swimming.

Their diet consists mainly of large invertebrates, small sharks, other fish, and dolphins. In addition, they eat all the garbage with live prey.

Their size at birth is about 60 centimeters. In adulthood, the length is 1.5-2.5 meters.

Gestation lasts 10-11 months, after which the female gives birth to 3-13 young. Males are aggressive towards all potential rivals, which can sometimes even be considered human.

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