A baby rhino and a zebra have become inseparable friends at the shelter

What can connect two different animals – a baby rhino and a baby zebra? In this case, they are their same destinies.

Two adorable animals appeared in the shelter in poor condition, abandoned and alone. The gentle rhino was only a few hours old, weak and weak. She couldn’t even stand up. So she was immediately transported to the sanctuary and treated with so much care and love. Zebra was also found helpless and exhausted from the storms and rains and was taken to the same center.

Both were fed, given proper care and attention by loving workers. And when they met, they formed a wonderful friendship from the start. They needed each other the most. As they grew older and stronger, their bond grew closer. They comforted each other, cuddled and spent all their time together. They felt safe and protected with each other even sleeping together.

The two were really supportive and encouraging to each other. It was really fantastic to see them being incredible companions. We hope they will be released into the wild soon and will be good friends there as well.

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