300 animals from the shelter were rescued by a good Samaritan who donated 70,000 euros

The events of this story happened in Torre de Barra, in eastern Spain, where there is an animal shelter called Societat Protectora D`Animals De Catalunya.
For 25 years, more than 300 animals have been cared for at the refuge, among them cats, dogs, sheep, horses and even birds.

In 2021, the company went bankrupt due to economic problems and its debt was 120,000 euros.

So the shelter had to sell all its real estate capital.
The facility staff was discouraged. The idea of ​​abandoning the animals in the shelter put them in distress.

But shortly after, they received a check for 70,000 euros.
And who was this charitable stranger who made this donation without being presented? Nobody knew.

This was wonderful news for everyone.
“As we heard the good news, we experienced unimaginable joy,” said the spokesperson for the shelter.

This allowed the center to manage the situation: to pay a large part of its debt and to be lent the rest.

The unknown benefactor also sent items necessary for the welfare of the animals: safety belts, toys, ropes, etc.

The inhabitants of the refuge are now saved. They will live in the right conditions.

“Our animals have escaped the sad destiny and will be welcomed as before”, was written on the official page of the refuge.
The so worrying financial situation turned to solvency.

And all the staff were infinitely grateful to the kind savior and thanked this generous person infinitely.

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