The woman thought the dog had caught the baby birds, but something else was found between the dog’s paws.

One day, the woman was walking with her beloved dog when suddenly the dog wandered off the road. Jenna was surprised when she realized that Otis, as the dog was called, had led her to the 6 baby bunnies.

Jenna realized that the baby rabbits were separated from their mother. However, Otis’ immediate concern was the survival of vulnerable young, as the area was known as a hunting ground for raptors such as hawks. The cubs ignited his paternal instincts as he took it upon himself to protect them.

Otis gently took the fragile babies into his mouth one by one and placed them between his protective paws. Once he rounded up the distressed bunnies, he continued to lick them until they were all peaceful. Meanwhile, Jenna has looked around and found the missing rabbits’ mother’s nest.

Otis was a proud adoptive father when he brought the children back to their rightful home. Her eyes sparkled with joy as she knew he made them feel safe and comforted in this time of crisis. Jenna says Otis has always been very emotional and it comes naturally to him to care for animals in need.

Click the video below to watch Otis comfort crying bunnies with his loving presence.

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