The puppy who was thrown out of a car has become the most important companion of his life

Lexi didn’t think the dog she rescued that day would become a special friend to her and that the dog itself would help her through the tough times in her life. And they became inseparable.

She found him on the road, he was thrown out of a car directly in front of her, by a driver. He was a very small puppy. His eyes were sad and he was scared and shaking with cold and worry.
The woman called the police. The police contacted an animal rescue organization.

Rescuers took the puppy to a veterinarian. Fortunately, he had no health problems.

Then, the puppy was placed in a dog shelter. We called him Wilf.

Staff at the facility posted photos of the pup online in hopes of finding owners or an adoptive family. Two weeks have passed and no one has been found.

So Lexi thought they were made for each other and she adopted the sweet pooch. The girl groomed the puppy, trying to make him forget his fears.

And in turn, Wilf also helped Lexi to forget her fears and grief.

With Wilf, she was no longer afraid of other dogs and her emotional state improved after the separation from her boyfriend.
And finally, his four-legged friend was with him during the pandemic lockdown.

Thanks to her faithful furry friend, she was able to overcome the difficulties of life.
They took such affection that no distress could resist their attachment.

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