Surprising reaction of a rescued dog when he sees clearly for the first time

Luca, like the rest of his canine companions, didn’t understand the world. The world around the rescued four-year-old is still hazy, even though he knows it’s beautiful. If his eyes had allowed it, he would have understood everything and known everything at every second.

Luca recently experienced this moment after eye surgery. For the first time in his short life, he realizes how much his mother loved him and that everything was right.

After years of poor eyesight, Luca had surgery in July. Three days after his recovery, the adorable savior was ready to go back to his old life, only this time he could see.

Luke’s mum, Katie Schneller, says: “We went for a walk as usual, but instead of running his nose and sniffing everything, he would take a few steps and then stop to look around.”

Lucas was accompanied by his mother, his most faithful friend, who took care of every detail in his new pristine environment.

According to Schneller, he sat in the middle of the road and looked at the trees, then walked to the side of the road, opened his mouth and looked at the river. I think he was completely surprised.” This dog never stopped moving, he sat and stared for minutes.

Luka was a stray dog ​​when he was rescued from an animal care center. Schneller visited her every day after work and fell in love with it.

Schneller recalls, “The early rescuers tried to talk me out of adopting him because they thought he was energetic and restless and his blindness would make things worse.” We convinced them he would be fine.”

Schneller noticed that Lukas’ eyesight was deteriorating and he was starting to bump into things. An incident led to a visit to the emergency room. It was then that Schneller understood that he had to operate.

Luckily, Luka understood the benefits he could get from it and now he can be seen pleasing his mother every day.

Ms Schneller describes the dog as “a wonderful dog”. I’ve had many dogs, but Luka is unique. I think he is my soul mate. He is the most loving, smartest and happiest puppy I have ever met.

He is friendly with everyone and has introduced me to so many wonderful people. Words cannot express how much I love him and my love for him grows every day.

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