Abandoned cow was rescued by a farming family and became a dog’s best friend

Dogs are very intelligent and very loyal pets. Especially when they are around other animals, they become more sociable and caring. They can come to the aid of humans and animals and save their lives in times of need.

Good doggies make friends with any animal.

This incident occurred on a farm where among the thirty-five domestic animals, there were nine dogs.

One day, a woman named Amber Sullivan-Vo walked into their farm with her husband. The spouses saw a very small cow wandering on the road. They noticed that it was not a baby at all, but an adult cow.

Probably, she was refused by her owners, because she was smaller than usual cows.

But for dogs, the measurement does not matter. They even make friends with a little hedgehog.

All the dogs immediately adopted and supported this cute cow.

The couple called her Craigslist and the animal became the sweet pup’s best friend.

All the dogs loved her and played with her and Craigslist also had a tender affection for her furry friends. But there was one dog that the cow adored the most.

It was Ashla, his beloved. They loved to play and cuddle and felt very comfortable together.

The smallest cow is the biggest among dogs and she is lucky to be among such devoted and loving pals.

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