Wildlife photographer Ajar Setiadi captured endearing moments of frogs giving each other a sweet hug in the rain

Ajar Setiadi is an Indonesian wildlife photographer. The artist lives in the city of Bogor.

Since childhood, he has marveled at the animals that live near his hometown and over time, he has developed his talent as a photographer. He captures wild animals and reptiles on camera.

The photographer observes the life of birds, snakes, lizards and various rare insects.

Above all, he loves to contemplate the frogs called white tree frogs or stumpy tree frogs that live in his garden.

This species of frog lives in the trees and according to the photographer, they are like pets for him.

He spends hours in his garden and follows the tree frogs by watering his flowers or simply to admire them.

Among several admirable photos by Satiadi, the series of frogs has a fantastic charm. The famous photographer took them in February when it was raining in his garden.

Here is a frog sheltered under a flower that serves as an umbrella and here is a very particular image of two tree frogs who are having a soft hug, nestled against each other with an unimaginable sweetness under an umbrella flower.

At this moment, the artist realized that he was creating images from a fairy tale.

These captured moments are true wonders. I always wait for the best moment. But we must not delay the fascinating moment, since it will not be repeated again »Setiadi told The Dodo.

Ajar Sethiadi, who practices the art of animal photography, will immortalize several more amazing moments.

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