The couple bought an old house, renovated it and now it is a comfortable accommodation

The couple bought an old house, renovated it and now it is a comfortable accommodation
A couple from the Slovenian city of Bratislava decided to move to the village. They wanted a calm and measured life, sought calm and comfort.

It should also be noted that real estate in the village is cheaper. The couple searched for a suitable home for several years. In 2013, they accidentally saw an old house. There was something so comfortable, traditional, cute. The couple decided to buy, despite the fact that the house was in poor condition.

The couple believe that the house has a pleasant atmosphere, as if happiness and warmth reign in it. It is impossible not to notice such a spiritual atmosphere.

For 6 years, the family restored the house. They decided to leave the traditional aspect, to preserve the tradition.

The house looks like the last century. Everything is cute, comfortable, like at my grandmother’s in the village.

Spouses even restored shutters and frames to the model of that time, painted in traditional colors, preserved and interior items, bought old furniture, everyday items.

The couple did everything with their hands. Even old furniture they restored and built themselves, for this they took courses in furniture making. This house is filled with warmth and tenderness.

The old attic has been rebuilt into a small bedroom.

The old stove has been restored, it has become the decoration of the house.

Now the house is sometimes rented by their friends and acquaintances. And the couple loved restoring old houses with history so much that they bought a new old house. Now they are restoring it and we are sure it will be the same beautiful and comfortable home!

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