Stray Rooster Accidentally Walks Into A Family’s Home And Decides To Stay

One day in early September, Chaz Saunders and his family were relaxing at home when a stray rooster appeared out of nowhere. Everyone was immediately alarmed.

Saunders said: “We don’t know how he got there, as we have no neighbors other than family in a two mile area.”

The rooster, later called Ronnie, was left alone at first, but after a few days he thought it was his new home and he was going nowhere.

Initially, he had no intention of keeping him, but the more he got to know Ronnie, the more he was attracted to his kind nature.

“And,” Saunders says. I immediately fell in love with him. I grew up surrounded by animals, but I never had a bird or a chicken. He was patient and wouldn’t let us touch him for the first few days, but once in the house he approached us with no problem. He’s basically in charge and now doing what he wants to do.”

The two dogs, Addie and Merle, quickly welcomed Ronnie as a new friend. In his new home, he can do whatever he wants. However, he prefers to make his own rules rather than follow those of the house.

Saunders said. He is mischievous but totally loyal to the hen, he acts like a teenager, a diva. He screams when he doesn’t get what he wants and follows orders after several attempts.

The ship’s fan and chandelier are examples of where Ronnie likes to hang out. He behaves like a dog, but he’s actually a rooster and likes to wake his family up as early as possible each morning.

Ronnie’s family decided to buy a pair of chickens to look after him. They had never had birds before, but when they did, they were very happy with their five birds.

We don’t know why he decided to come to the farm that day. His new family is very happy to have met him and cannot imagine life without him.

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