Newborn Cat Was So Tiny They Called Him A Pocket Kitten: Now He Loves To Travel Everywhere With His Foster Mom

A sweet girl named Jennifer Kubba rescued a kitten when she found it abandoned on the street.

The baby was infinitely small and weighed only 32 grams. Jennifer could keep it in her pocket. She gave him the name Hank.

When the baby was 6 days old, he was already cuddling his adoptive mom and on the sixth day of his birth, Hank opened his eyes.

The cute was always too light, he grew little by little, when he was 20 days old, he weighed almost half a kilo. The tiny baby loved being wrapped in his fluffy blanket.

He was so small that his sister Poppy, the black cat, still ignored him. But over time, the two cats made friends and became inseparable.

Hank travels everywhere with his beloved human mom. They drive or cycle.

The kitten can still settle in Jennifer’s pocket. At two months, he was about a kilo. He was already a charming baby, very admirable.

When Hank was 3 months old, he had another sister, we called him Cheese. He was a striped kitten and from birth he wanted to become friends with the white mimi.

The little cat liked to follow Hank, but he didn’t want to accept this lively and mischievous baby.

However, they formed a beautiful friendship. Currently, the kitten Hank has become the teacher of the striped kitten and teaches him how to play and lead a quiet life.

Come and admire all this wonderful story in the video below!

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