Meet Piglet, a deaf and blind puppy who is so strong!

A pink puppy named Piglet was unlucky at birth. He was born deaf and blind and lived in an overcrowded home with 37 other dogs. However, things started to change when she was rescued from a shelter and placed in a beautiful foster home. They now live happily with their new owner, Melissa Shapiro, and are known to be good role models for children.

The bright pink color in puppies is very rare, but the condition is known to cause congenital defects in the ears and eyes, causing puppies to become blind or deaf.

But Shapiro wanted to give the pup a chance, at least for a few months, until a forever home could be found. However, they hit it off, and Shapiro ultimately decided to keep the scope.

The little animal is now enjoying its new life with six canine companions. He is very anxious and always screams. He plays and lies down, but when he’s not playing, he howls. For the first month after the dogs arrived, we couldn’t leave the house,” says Shapiro.

But the story of this little one does not end there. This pup was clearly meant for so much more from the start. With the help of a Grade 3 teacher in Plainville, this piglet’s story now inspires children to overcome their differences and embrace challenges.

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