After rescuing a stray dog, a woman discovers the animal looks suspiciously like her lost puppy

When she said goodbye to her 14-year-old dog, she never expected to fall in love with another dog so quickly.

A few weeks later, a shy little poodle appeared in their home and changed their lives forever.

One woman said she had “seen the dog running behind the car in front of her”.

She immediately stopped her car and drove off to find the frightened dog.

She added: “She was very young and had recently lost a small pet and was in shock, I didn’t want her in anyone else’s hands.

She remembers. When I saw her, I said: “Come here”. When I saw her, I said, ‘Come here’, and she almost jumped into my arms. It was as if he had been looking for me for a long time and had found me.

The dog did not have a microchip, so my wife called the owner to no avail; the three-year-old dog’s coat was ruffled, but a thorough physical examination showed that Stitch was generally healthy.

“After spending a week with Stitch, there was no sign of his owner, so I cut him out.” That’s when I realized he looked like Lara. I had to stop looking at him because I suddenly burst into tears and hugged him.

Although she still loves Lara, she is grateful for the time they spent together and the second chance she had with Stitch.

She said.” “I wondered if somewhere in this universe Lila had made our paths cross at the right time. The similarities between the two are striking. She desperately needed compassion and care, and I had to help her repair her badly damaged heart.

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