After being abandoned by his owners on the highway, the desperate dog jumps into a patrol car to ask for help

When we are desperate and when life is in danger, whether human or animal, we look for any solution to get rid of a painful state.

This incident happened in Brazil. Motorway patrol boats Borges and Mateus were doing their daily road surveillance work. It was an ordinary day and the police hardly imagined that they could find themselves in an unforeseen situation.

The two officers were controlling traffic on the highway and measuring the speed of vehicles within a few meters of their patrol car, the doors of which they left open.

When they came back, they were surprised to see a good puppy in the car seat.

Finding themselves in an unusual situation and not knowing what was going on, the traffic officers tried to get the puppy out.

But the poor animal did not want to come out and was crying out of misfortune. Noticing the dog’s frightened eyes, they understood that the poor creature had been abandoned without help by its owners who left it on such a busy highway.

The police decided to come to the aid of the dog in distress. They took him back to the Santa Catarina police station.

Thus, surely, the magnificent puppy will have the chance to find warm souls.

Later, officials from the official Highway Patrol page posted a Facebook post, telling the moving story of the pup’s wonderful rescue.

First they were surprised and wanted him out of the car, then they realized the poor crying pup didn’t want to be abandoned again,” the page’s makers wrote in their post.

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