A woman takes a photo of a pregnant dog, then realizes that someone else is there too.

Poppy was already pregnant when she was placed in foster care. No one knew where she came from or what she had been through, but her foster family, Carter Cifelli, suspected she was born premature. She made the cute pup as comfortable as possible and waited until she had her babies.

Poppy woke up and went about her daily routine.

Nothing unusual happened. Sifferi thought the day would pass without incident, as there was no sign that Poppy was ready to give birth.

Sifferi watched Poppy carefully and tried to lead her back inside the house, but Poppy just sat in the sun. At one point, she sat down on a chair in the garden.

Sifferi left her alone for about 10 minutes and decided it was time to go home. As soon as she arrived, she saw how pretty the poppies looked and wanted to take a picture. He suddenly realized that something was wrong.

Poppy, who was relaxing on an outdoor balcony, decided it was time to give birth and upset her adoptive parents.

Sifferi came in to help the pup figure out what had happened, and Poppy happily followed. After the couple settled in, Poppy gave birth to six more puppies.

She was remarkably calm, Cifelli said. She has certainly had puppies before and seems like an experienced mother. She was very calm at birth and knew exactly what to do. There were no complications and all puppies were healthy!”

At three and a half weeks, all seven puppies and their mother are healthy. All of them, including Poppy, will be available for foster care in August. Everyone can’t wait for Poppy to live in a comfortable and safe home.

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