A ranger carries a 200-pound baby elephant through the forest on his shoulders to save his life

For the sake of a vulnerable animal, some individuals will do anything, and this ranger is no exception. He stumbled across this baby elephant in desperate need of help, and without a second’s hesitation he picked it up on his shoulders and carried it to safety. The incident was photographed and viral images have recently resurfaced online.

Palanichami Sarathkumar, a 28-year-old ranger from Tamil Nadu, India, was returning home from a night shift when he received a call that an agitated elephant had blocked the road. He and a few of his colleagues rushed to the spot and managed to drag the elephant back into the forest.

But it was only after a few minutes that Sarathkumar understood why the elephant was in such a sad state.

It was then that he discovered a baby elephant stuck in a hole. Since the little creature was simply too weak to move, the dedicated ranger did the impossible. Even though the animal weighed more than him, he simply put it on his shoulders.

“We noticed that it [le bébé éléphant] was stuck in a little hole,” Sarathkumar told BBC NEWS. “It was exhausted and confused, so I thought I’d take it. It was very heavy, but I just lifted it on the spur of the moment.”

Despite weighing around 186 kilograms, Sarathkumar managed to lift the 220-pound baby elephant onto its back and carry it to safety. The crying calf finally found its mother.

“At first there were four of us,” said the ranger. “Our plan was to take him across the road to reunite him with his mother. But there was a risk of attack because he was still close. Therefore, I decided to take the calf alone on the road.”

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