This Puppy Was Born Without Front Legs But He Found Happiness With His Adoptive Dad And Loves To Snuggle Up To Him

Sometimes animals are born with incomplete limbs. Often, their mothers abandon them at birth.

This cute little pup was born with missing limbs: his front legs didn’t exist. The mother dog did not leave him, but the baby could not eat like his brothers and sisters and eventually he was rejected by themselves.

He was sure the little creature couldn’t survive on its own. But, fortunately, there are always people of good will who come to the aid of animals in need.

A woman, named Lou Robinson, discovered the little puppy on the street, weak and hungry. Her husband, Mark Robinson, is the founder of the Warriors Educate About Rescue organization in Houston, a city in Texas.

He works with the Texas Fire Department by publishing calendars with rescue dogs and also teaches pet care methods.

Finding the little creature unaided, the Robinsons decided to adopt and rescue her. They named him Nubby.

The baby was so weak that he could not even drink milk himself. The nice man fed him with the bottle in such a way that the puppy could get his strength as quickly as possible.

After being assiduously cared for, the dog felt good. His condition improved, his vision and hearing improved. He began to recognize those around him.

But, unfortunately, after a short time, Nubby fell ill. The baby had loss of appetite.

When the vet examined him, he said the pup had pneumonia. It was very serious, the little one was barely breathing, but Robinson decided to support him at all costs. And the vet also did everything to save the puppy’s life.

Eventually they made it, the pup and his rescuers.

Despite having no front legs, Nubby is a happy dog, he adores his adoptive father and likes to sleep cuddled up to him.

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