The two dogs met at the park and became best friends: thanks to the dogs their adoptive parents also became friends

These two dogs Baloo and Louie met at a dog park where they were walking with their owners. Baloo went with Bella and Louie was with Mickey.

From the first meeting, the dogs fell in love. They got along very well, ran and played together.

From now on, Baloo and Louie befriended each other and became inseparable.

Their adoptive parents understood that the dogs had to meet to be able to continue this magnificent and admirable friendship. And it was obvious that they, too, had to make friends so that the puppies could play together.

And Bella and Mickey decided to see each other at the same park as often as possible. Thanks to the attachment of their pets, they started dating.

Bella and Mickey still remember their first meeting.

Speaking of the dogs, Bella explains, “Baloo and Louie are very different. In my opinion, opposites attract.

Mickey says his Louie is a very light-hearted dog, he doesn’t care and Bella adds that Baloo is very attentive and he always looks thoughtful.

Baloo is not sociable, he does not like to be cuddled too much, he does not allow others access to his personal space. Therefore, Louie must be very special to be able to invade Baloo’s personal space.

The two dogs always lie down together: Loue likes to lay her head on Baloo’s back or have Baloo’s muzzle in her mouth. All four desire to be bound endlessly.

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